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What is ScanFlow™ Professional?

ScanFlow™ Professional.. .

… is an efficient and easy to use workflow & management software. It increases the throughput and output quality of your mass digitization projects.

Manage your staff

What shall be done by whom?

Organize different hardware

Which hardware shall be used


Plan the book & document logistic

Which workflow fits to the requirement

of the documents?

Automatize data flow & tasks

Which task shall be processed next?

ScanFlow™ Professional ·What is the BENEFIT?


Output quality


ScanFlow™ ensures a

constant & high output quality



Working efficiency


ScanFlow™ increases the throughput



Structure efficiency


ADVANTAGES   No loss of efficiency, all tasks fit perfectly

ScanFlow™ leads to a clear structure


What does ScanFlow™ ?

Struggling without workflow software …


  • Manual documentation
  • Manual copying & working
  • Manual quality check
  • High communication overhead
  •  Handling errors
  • No project overview

WHO is doing WHAT and WHEN?

…get organized …

Structured working with ScanFlow™ Professional


  • Automatic processing of system tasks
  • Automatic documentation
  • Job tracking (WHICH job is WHERE?)
  • Automatic copying
  • Quality check support

Workflow example

ScanFlow™ –  Global functions


Parameter controlled processing


  • Easy setting of processing parameters
  • Processing parameter can be set
  1. globally for a whole job and
  2. individually for single pages
  • Master files remain unchanged

Undo function (e.g. Deskewing)


  • Go back to any previous task
  • Easy correction of settings:
    1. Correct settings stay unchanged
    2. Wrong settings can be adapted

Processing suggestion & Live preview


  • Automatic processing suggestions
  • Displayed in Live preview
  • Exact adjustment easily possible with Live preview
  • Available for all processing functions (e.g. Deskewing, Cropping, Extrapolation, Brightness & Contrast adaption, …)

Multiple workflows


  • Create and customize multiple workflows
  • Use different workflows simultaneously
  • Different projects can be processed with the same staff and hardware simultaneously
  • Change workflow settings anytime when needed

Multiple outputs



  • ScanFlow™creates multiple file formats
  • File formats can be created automatically and simultaneously

Job finalization

All finalization tasks (e.g. Transfer to storage, delete auxiliary files) are done by ScanFlow™automatically.


ScanFlow™ –  Analysis, Reporting, Tracking

Analysis, Reporting & Tracking tools


  • Different process overviews
  • Easy project progress analysis
  • Fast identification of bottlenecks within scanning projects
  • Track & log the status quo of each job

(e.g. in which workflow stage is each job, etc.)



ScanFlow™ –  Quality control tools

Task completeness check

ScanFlow™reports automatically if every task has been executed and generates status reports of all embedded workflow tasks.


Quality control recommendation

ScanFlow™provides recommendations for:

  • Which pages might have lower quality?
  • Which pages require an additional quality control?


Quality check

ScanFlow™supports fast quality checking:

  • Pages can be easily marked
  • Explanatory notes can be easily added


Faulty pages are marked

ScanFlow™ –  further functions & tools

Resource organization tools

Inter-task message tool

ScanFlow™enables users to pass notes within the software by using inter-task messages.


Remote monitoring tool

ScanFlow™ includes a monitoring tool for all processes by remote access via web interface.


Scheduling function

ScanFlow™allows to schedule all tasks to guarantee an optimal resource management (e.g. time consuming and computationally intensive tasks can be processed over night).

Task automation functions

Automatic execution of external scripts

ScanFlow™allows to execute external scripts automatically by using a CU (Command Line Interface).


Automatic import functions

ScanFlow™supports automatic import functions.


Automation of FTP-uploads

ScanFlow™enables the automation of FTP-uploads.