Automatic book scanner – ScanRobot



  • Automatic book scanner
  • Including semi-automatic & manual mode
  • Unique 60° V-shape book cradle
  • Up to 2,500 pages per hour
  • Patented prism capturing technology





ScanRobot® 2.0 MOS

Highly comprehensive & integrated system

  • Automatic book scanner
  • Single scan technology (for covers, spine, fold outs, …)
  • Control computer workstation with widescreen monitor
  • Image treatment & management software ScanGaterM
  • Self standing unit on wheels for easy relocating
  • Highly ergonomic design

Unique hardware features

Patented capturing technology

  • Most advanced scanning device
  • One central capturing unit
  • Equal and constant focus
  • No mechanical shutter

Only one mechanical moving part

  • Robust and simple design
  • Suitable for 24h shift operation
  • Low maintenace

Wooden book cradle

  • Self centering
  • Adjustable between 60° and 100°
  • Minimum load/unload time
  • For hard and soft covers

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Page turning technology

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  • Most gentle & touch free page turning by air flow 
  • Automatic (up to 2,500 pph) with process monitoring &. double sheet control
  • Semi-automatic (up to 1,000 pph)
  • Manual single scan mode (up to 350 pph)
  • No clamps I fingers
  • No glass plates

Patented capturing system

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A. Closed capturing unit (optical 300/400 dpi)

  • lndepenent from ambient light
  • Minimum calibration (static white balance)

* Constant distance between object and focal plane


B. Inside LED illumination

  • Perfect page illumination
  • No radiation of heat, infrared or UV

* Long life cycle light


C. High quality 60° prism

  • Distortion free scanning
  • Smallest book opening angle


The ScanRobot® can scan every page with the exact, equal and maximum resolution independent of the book size, thickness and the paper quality.


ScanRobot® 2.0 MOS

Universal – suitable for any bound material

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Gentle – suitable for books up from the 14th century

  • Opening angle 60°
  • No overstretching of the book binding
  • Pressure free scanning
  • Touch free page turning by air flow
  • LED lightning without any radiation of heat, infrared or UV

Robust – low maintenance

  • Suitable for 24h-shift operation
  • Only one active moving part
  • High quality industrial components
  • Worldwide customer proven

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  • No distortions
  • No curves
  • No waves
  • Exact page margin scan
  • Perfect illumination

Planetary scanner

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    • Distortions
    • Curves
    • No exact page margin
    • Inhomogeneous illumination

Upcoming challenges

  • Page cropping
  • Changing page sizes
  • More post processing
  • Uncertain OCR results



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1 capturing unit = 1 scan result

  • No size
  • No colour variation
  • No focus & sharpness variation


  • No corrections needed

Camera devices*

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2 cameras = 2 scan result

  • Different size & resolution
  • Different colour
  • Different focus & sharpness

Upcoming  challenges

  • Resolution correction

  • Colour correction

  • Focus & sharpness correction



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  • Single page image
  • Easy page edge detection
  • Easy cropping
  • Afterfact free
  • No clamps / fingers
  • No remiving needed

Other scanner

Disturbing book block

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  • Page edge detecting challenge
  • Cropping challenge

Image artefacts

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  • Artefacts like stamps or fingers
  • Removing challenge


MA S S  D I G I T I Z A T I O N  S Y S T E M

Customer feedback

“The ScanRobot® can scan almost any types of book, binding or paper (e.g. Leather­ covered wooden bindings, flexible parchment bindings, cardboard bindings, thick, thin orrigid paper).”

The Bavarian State Library

 “Treventus Mechatronics GmbH submitted a tender that offers some very clear advantages. […] The evaluation group’s assessment is that no other supplier can match the tender from Treventus Mechatronics GmbH.”

Swedish tender evaluation committee (8 specialists)

 “The unique image-taking and page-turning technique of the ScanRobot® shows its benefits in particular with thick books. […] the pages can be scanned [ ..] absolutely distortion-free and without any shadows […] up tojust a few mminto the fold.”

Digitization Center Regensburg




Capturing & Processing Software


  • Interface for different scanner hardware
  • Real-time preview for image treatment
  • Automated image processing functions
  • Meta data interface
  • Multi language user interface

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Please find more information about ScanGate™ in the separate product page.


Fully compatible to the ScanFlow™ Professional workflow software environment.


  • Creating of an individual workflow for fast post processing
  • Automatic background processing like image treatment functions
  • Included pre-defined ,,customer proved workflows”
  • Automated import of external images
  • Automated interaction with the optional OCR-engine
  • Increasing the throughput & quality

Please find more information about ScanFlow™ Professional in the separate product page.

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ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS


  •  Speed   up to 2,500 pages/hour* (automatic mode)
    up to 1,000 pages/hour* (semi-automatic mode)
  • Page turning   automatic with process monitoring (incl. double sheet control) or semi-automatic and manual
  • Aperture angle   60 degrees (steplessly adjustable between 60 and 100 degrees) 
  • Lightning    user- and book-friendly LED lightning (without any exposure to heat, IR or UV) 
  • Resolution   constant and independent of the page fonnat optical 300 dpi (included) optical 400 dpi (optional) 
  •  Colour depth   36-bit
  • Image types   colour, greyscale, b&w
  • Page format (scanning area)   minimum (2 times): 5 x 5 cm (1.97 x 1.97 in), maximum (2 times): 32 x 32 cm (12.6 x 12.6 in)
  • Book size (maximum)   35.5 x 34.0 cm {13.98 x 13.39 in)
  • Book thickness   up to 15 cm (5.91in) 
  • Paper thickness   no restrictions (recommended spectrum: 40 g/m2 to 260 g/m2 )
  • Paper quality   all pages,also acid damaged and wavy pages 
  • Covers   all covers (soft and rigid)
  • Book age   14th century up to now
  • Storage formats   jpg, jpg2000, tiff, tiff G4, png, gif, bmp, pdf, XML, DjVu
  • Dimensions   Vw/h (without monitor): 0,78 x 0,78 x 1,90 m (30.7 x 30.7 x 74.8 in)
  • Weight   260 kg (573 lbs)

The page speed can vary dependingon paper quality,book size and the book condition in general.

Scope of delivery

  • 1pc   Automatic book scanner ScanRobor 0 (300 dpi standard, 400dpi optional)
  • 1pc   Single-scan book scanner (flatbed A3)
  • 1pc   Control Computer System (high-end PC-workstation)
  • 1pc   EIZO 23″ widescreen monitor (colour calibrated)
  • 1pc   Integrated holder for monitor,keyboard and mouse
  • 1pc   ScanGate™- capturing, processing & management software (in many languages) i integrated workflow module

OPTIONAL: various OCR and WORKFLOW software packages



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and many more

Alphabetical order by countries.

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Winner of the European ICT Grand Prize
Innovation prize of the Theodor Kery foundation
1 st place in Genius Innovation Award